Personal Injury

Being involved in an auto collision can be stressful, even if you think you were uninjured, or the collision was minor. Many times, injures to our bodies are not always obvious after an accident. Whiplash and misalignments of the spine are common injures after an accident. Neck, back pain, headaches, dizziness, and soreness are common symptoms of an underlying problem. The symptoms may not present themselves for hours or days after an accident. The best way to treat these injuries is to catch them early on, which means it is best not to wait to seek care. Chiropractic care can help restore the body’s normal function by helping to decrease inflammation and scar tissue and by restoring mobility and range of motion. By getting evaluated and treated by a Chiropractor shortly after an accident, you can avoid long-term pain.

Workers Compensation

Injured at work? We accept workers’ compensation claims. When you are injured at work and need to get back on your feet, we can help you get moving as soon as possible.

Take an Active Role in Healing Your Body

Taking an active role in your recovery means you are in control. Schrickel Health & Wellness Center assists you with the tools you need to heal your own body and educate you on injury prevention. Many times, activities that were easy to perform prior to your injury are now painful. This can lead to uncertainty about which active interventions will speed up your healing and which ones will hinder your recovery. The human body is amazing in its ability to adapt and rebuild, but guidance is necessary in this process.


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