Schrickel Health & Wellness Center Offers Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a medical specialty concerned with diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of persons of all ages with muscular, nerve and bone impairment, disability and pain. At Schrickel Health & Wellness Center, we provide our patients with rehabilitation in order to get them back to feeling like themselves.

Feel Better With Rehabilitation From Our Team

Rehabilitation can help people improve body functions they lost from a medical condition or injury. Rehabilitation utilizes a team approach to patient care. Give the experienced team at Schrickel Health & Wellness Center the opportunity to treat your condition and help you reach your prior level of function. Give us a call today!

Unsurpassed Experience Offered at Schrickel

There are many conditions and diseases that can be treated with rehabilitation. At the Schrickel Health & Wellness Center, we have a vast amount of experience with treatment of conditions like: